Incorporated in 2011, TGI Network of Rhode Island is the only statewide organization providing support and advocacy for the TGI community in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. 
Our mission is to serve the needs of the transgender, gender-variant, and intersex (TGI) communities in Rhode Island and surrounding areas through support, advocacy, and education. We seek to be a resource for TGI people navigating their life journeys as well as the legal and medical systems through our own programs and through collaboration with other organizations. In addition, we seek to serve as a resource to professionals working with the TGI community and as a liaison between the TGI and LGBT communities as well as the community at large.

            Attention Trans* Rhode Islanders! We NEED you!

            Please take a moment to complete our survey about Trans* Rhode Islanders and their health care. The results of this survey will                help to inform a taskforce that is forming working on statewide improvements to the ways in which Trans* folks in Rhode Island                access health care.

            For the purposes of this survey “Trans*” means:  anyone who identifies with a gender that differs from the gender typically                            associated with the sex they were assigned at birth.  

            Please follow the link below for more information and to take the survey. Please share this with your Trans* friends