Families and Friends: The Way Forward

Free and confidential group meeting for family members and friends of someone identifying as transgender, gender variant, or intersex. We offer a safe space to explore the impact of a loved one's TGI identity and an opportunity to connect with others in similar situations.

The Trans Family Group will meet from 7-9 pm every month with a fifth Tuesday (the next meeting is July 31, 2018) in central Providence near bus lines and a variety of parking options. Every meeting will include trans basics, discussion time, a “didactic” (teaching and learning) on a central aspect of trans family life, Q & A, and networking time. 

Sign-in is required at the building’s entrance, but you can sign in under any name you choose. This is not to identify individuals in the building, but is to keep record of usage. Feel free to use an alias if it makes you feel safer. Also, since the building is public and can be busy, your presence will disclose nothing about where you are going or why you are there.

The Group is for parents, siblings and families of trans people as well as immediate friends (not observers).

The meeting location is withheld for participant privacy.  Contact family@tginetwork.org for more information.