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RI Trans* Health Resource Guides

TGI Network has been a part of the RI Trans* Health Initiative working to help improve health care for the trans* community here in RI. We are proud to share with you two resources that have come out of this.

Trans* Health Referral Guide

This guide was made in response to a need for coordinated and culturally competent health care for the transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender variant (trans*) community in Rhode Island. The goal of this guide is to provide both medical and behavioral health providers and consumers with information about health care providers in the area who work with the RI trans* community.

Although we took care to receive feedback on this guide, a provider’s listing in this guide is not an endorsement of their services.
We hope that this guide will be a living document that can change and improve over time. If you have any feedback for this guide, please contact us at

This guide was made possible with support from the Rhode Island Foundation. This guide was greatly supported by the TGI Network, Northern RI AHEC, The Office of Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts, the Rhode Island Public Health Institute, and many individuals.

Click on the file below to download the guide.

Practice & Clinical Management Guide for Trans* Patients' Primary Care

As a medical provider looking to care for a trans* patient, it is important to understand that while there are
many special circumstances to consider that differ from cisgender patients, a trans* patient’s care should be
approached no differently than how you would monitor a cisgender patient. Trans* patients have faced
discrimination for years, including from health care providers. It is part of RITHI’s goal to educate medical
providers on the importance of understanding the basics of gender and what underlying circumstances these
patients may be facing on a daily basis on top of the how-to for medical treatment. No two trans* people
identify their gender the same way. It is important to understand that each person who seeks treatment
comes with different experiences, identities, and goals. Therefore, each individual should have their own
unique Transition Plan.

The information in this guide is a collaboration of materials from RITHI members, Dr. Michelle Forcier,
Callen-Lorde, Mazzoni Center and Fenway Health.

Click on the file below to download the guide.

TGI Network of RI,
Jun 2, 2015, 3:24 PM
TGI Network of RI,
Jun 2, 2015, 3:24 PM