The RI Trans Health Conference will return on April 28th!

Post date: Jan 23, 2018 5:7:36 AM

On April 28th, 2018, Rhode Island College will host the fourth annual RI Trans Health Conference. This year's theme is Resistance and Resilience, as we strive to empower our local community with the information and tools you need to be strong self-advocates and to build a community movement towards social justice. While our conference focuses on expanding the local network of knowledgable and affirming healthcare providers, we recognize that the health of this community is built on our strength and commitment to one another.

In this fourth year of the conference, the community track has expanded to include 50% more community members! We on the planning committee are proud to present a comprehensive program that we designed around your requests. We are also excited to have also included a workshop proposal process in preparation for the conference for the first time. We received some fantastic proposals that included topics we haven't covered in previous years and will bring some fresh faces and new ideas!

We are also excited introduce our keynote speaker, Justice Gaines! "Justice is a local activist and poet. Xe is an organizer at RI Jobs With Justice fighting for workers' rights as part of a larger social justice movement. Xe also coordinates a Racial Justice Coalition of community organizations throughout the state. Xyr poetryis an extension of xyr activism, exploring the experiences of being a Black trans woman in a post-racial and soon to be post-apocalyptic America."

This year we have also introduced some different ticketing levels for community members are able and interested in helping to financially support the conference. We are committed to providing this conference to our community free of charge, but putting something this comprehensive together is an expensive endeavor! This year, for example, you can choose to buy a ticket that will cover the cost of two meals, which would help us pay for your food as well as that of someone who cannot afford to contribute. Please be aware that we can accommodate 150 community members and registration may close abruptly as that number is reached.