Peer Support Groups

We currently offer two peer led support groups. Due to COVID concerns, all our support groups now meet via ZOOM.

Borderlands is open to TGI people and to those who are exploring whether a TGI identity is a good description of their experience.

Our Non-Binary Borderlands group is open to people who are non-binary or exploring if a non-binary identity is a good description of their experience.

Families and Friends: The Way Forward is open to family members and friends of someone identifying as transgender, gender diverse, or intersex.

Ground Rules for All Groups

  • Peer Support

    • This is a peer led group. It is not a therapy group nor a substitute for professional counseling or emergency services.

  • Confidentiality

    • What's said in the group stays in the group. Don't share anyone's personal information and/or TGI or questioning status with anyone outside of the group for any reason unless you have their express permission beforehand. Be mindful that group members may not want to be addressed or identified outside of the group space and/or may use different names in public.

  • Respect

    • Be respectful of how people are comfortable identifying themselves and/or their partner(s) and the pronouns they use when referring to themself and/or their partner(s). Respect other people's choices about how to live their lives. Not all people take the same path through life.

  • Listening

    • It is important for each person to have a chance to talk without being interrupted. Also, please turn all cell phones off or on vibrate and leave the room if you absolutely must take a call.

  • I Statements

    • Please speak about yourself and your own experiences without making broad generalizations about other people. We are all individuals with unique experiences. Your way does not work for everyone.

  • Scent Free Space

    • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strong scents so that people with chemical sensitivities may attend.

  • Safe Space

    • For the safety of our members, the meeting location is kept confidential. If you know of someone who may be interested in the group, please have them email to get more information as we prefer to touch base with new people before they attend their first meeting so that they know what to expect.