Day of Remembrance

TGI Network of Rhode Island will be holding a special service on November 20th at7 p.m. commemorating Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is an event for remembering and honoring all trans, non-binary, and gender diverse folks who've lost their lives during the past year due to anti-transgender violence.

Because of concerns over the ongoing pandemic, as well as a desire to make the event accessible to anyone who might have difficulties securing transportation, the event will be held again this year over Zoom.

If you are interested in attending, please email:

List of Names of known lives lost in 2021

  • Kimberly Susan Fial

  • Chae’Meshia Simms ("ChaeChae")

  • Courtney "Eshay" Key

  • Alexandria Winchester

  • Tyianna "Davarea" Alexancer

  • Samuel Edmund Damián Valentín

  • Bianca Bankz ("Muffin")

  • Dominique Jackson

  • Fifty Bandz

  • Alexus Braxton

  • Chyna Carrillo

  • Jeffrey Bright ("JJ")

  • Jasmine Bright ("Jazzy")

  • Jenny Franks

  • Diamond Kyree Sanders

  • Rayanna Pardo

  • Jaida Peterson

  • Dominique Lucious

  • Remy Fennell

  • Tiara Banks

  • Natalia Smüt Lopez

  • Iris Santos

  • Tiffany Thomas

  • Keri Washington

  • T. Hardin

  • Jahaira DeAlto

  • Whispering Wind Bear Spirit

  • Sophie Vásquez

  • Danny Henson

  • Serenity Hollis

  • Oliver Taylor

  • Poe Black

  • KC Wilson

  • Tierramarie Lewis

  • EJ Boykin

  • Rubi Dominguez

  • Taya Ashton

  • Shai Vanderpump

  • CoCo Chanel Wortham

  • Pooh Johnson

  • Zoella Rose Martinez (“Zoey”)

  • Disaya Monaee Smith

  • Brianna Ulmer

  • Kiér Laprí Kartier

  • Royal Poetical Starz

  • Mel Robert Groves

  • Keeva Scatter

  • Jessi Hart

  • Jo Acker

  • Rikkey Outumuro ("Tru Starlet")

  • Jenny De Leon