2022 Transgender Day of Remembrance

Once again, TGI Network of Rhode Island will be supporting a special service to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday, November 20th at 7 pm.

TDoR is a solemn and meaningful occasion when we get together to recognize the toll that anti-trans violence has taken on members of the trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive community. It is a time to recognize and remember those bright souls whom we have lost during the last twelve months.

Just as the last couple of years, this service will be held over Zoom. This is to accommodate health concerns some people may have had and it makes participation easier for some folks with disabilities. It also means that the service is more easily accessible for folks from across the state (and region).

If you are interested in attending (or would like more information), email tdor.rhodeisland@gmail.com and the link will be sent to you before the event.

List of Names of known lives lost in 2022

  • Nikai David

  • Martina Caldera

  • Za'niyah Williams

  • Ke'Yahonna Stone

  • Nikki Turrietta

  • Amarey Lej

  • Duval Princess

  • Matthew Angelo Spampinato

  • Naomie Skinner

  • Cyprus Ramos

  • Paloma Vasquez

  • Brent Wood

  • Katheryn Newhouse

  • Elise Malary

  • Tatiana Labelle

  • Kesha Webster

  • Miia Love Parker

  • Arryanna Mitchell

  • Fern Feather

  • Ray Muscat

  • Sasha Mason

  • Nedra Sequence Morris

  • Maddie Hoffman

  • DeeDee Hall

  • Chanelika Y'Ella Dior Hemingway

  • Paris Rich

  • Brazil Johnson

  • Shawmayne McClam

  • Kitty Monroe

  • Cherry Bush

  • Jasper Aaron Lynch

  • Martasia Richmond

  • Toi Davis

  • Keshia Chanel Geter

  • Kamila Marie Swann

  • Hayden Nevah Davis

  • Marisela Castro

  • Kimbella Kimble

  • Acey D. Morrison

  • Dede Ricks

  • Regina Allen

  • Semaj Sincere Billingslea

  • Tiffany Banks